Neighbor Supply’s Fine Friends

Below are some of the Colorado companies and brands that we sell in our Neighbor Supply vending machines.

Topo Designs strives to make products that are simple, functional, and beautiful. From backpacks to outdoor accessories, they create items that equip the outdoor adventurer and urban rover alike.

Knotty Tie Co.'s mission is to revolutionize neckties by making them meaningful, customizable and with their own hands. They sew ties right here in Denver offering a variety of sizes, patterns, and designs.

Native Clutter makes their jewelry by hand, creating unique and lasting designs that blend local materials and style.

Coloradical designs local t-shirts and other apparel accessories that promote the original Colorado lifestyle. Live the Rad Life.

INDYINK has been screen printing in the Denver area since 2002. Along with screen printing, they have a storefront on Broadway that offers a variety of unique clothing and accessories.

Local designer Julie Tierney heads up this fashion-forward Americana accessory and fashion label. Neighbor Supply will be carrying a two versions of her signature zip pouch.

Fig+Yarrow is an artisan line of small-batch, handcrafted organic health+vanity products. All the materials they use - from the lovely and vibrant roots, leaves, flowers, minerals and oils to the glass containers the products live in - are selected for beauty, health and purity as they are designed to evoke these qualities for the user.

MegaFauna is on a mission to support the evolution of the conscious consumer culture through sustainable business practices and localized marketplaces. While successful as a designer in their own right, they are leaders in cultivating an environment for other local and independent artists, designers, and small businesses to thrive.

A designer and branding consultant living in Denver, Aaron has created a variety of local iconic themes such as "Keep Denver Beard".

Paper Plates Press is a small letterpress design house. Beautifully designed and made, their work provides an artistic vehicle to communicate.

Sjotime Industries is a little bit old school mixed with ultra-techy digital production. Made in Colorado, their collection includes durable, unique furnishings that merge traditional woodworking craftsmanship with modern design techniques.

An avid hiker from Fort Collins, CO, Matt Tracz thought of an idea for a project that combined his love of Colorado's majestic peaks, outdoor photography, adventure, and yes, card playing. Taking his own photos of Colorado's most impressive 14er peaks, he created a deck of playing cards to showcase each one.

Bark Accessories began solely on a mission to allow technology and nature to team up and have a positive impact in their products, as well as having a positive influence on each person they encounter. Bark makes a variety of wooden mobile device accessories to fit the Colorado lifestyle.

Rooster & Moon Coffee Pub is a Denver staple providing a daily oasis for everyone from business pros to college students. They are skilled at coffee, cocktails, and culinary delights and the atmosphere they create is both welcoming and addicting.

Rooster & Moon. Home to the first Neighbor Supply vending Machine.