Dirty Mat™


The Dirty Mat™ is an all-purpose mat designed to protect surfaces from your workshop bench to your office desk. It’s well-suited to cover a space permanently, or folded up for easy storage until you need it again.

+ Material Options

  • Grey Waxed Canvas / Natural Waxed Canvas
  • Grey Waxed Canvas / Premium Natural Leather

+ Sizes

  • Standard 1.5 x 2ft
  • Large 2 x 3ft


The Dirty Mat is proudly made in Colorado.

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Put it down on your floor while building a space station out of legos, or repairing the sink. Drop it on your counter while sketching out your new kitchen, or while painting your nails. Bring it to the park. Bring it camping. Bring it to Grandma’s house.

The Dirty Mat is designed to get dirty. The idea is to leave your marks on it, over time, so it tells your story – your projects, screw-ups, achievements, your time.

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