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Wallet - A2

Wallet - A2

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This wallet is from a batch we made a few years ago in collaboration with 
CATELLIERmade, based in Colorado, USA.

It's made from a light thickness, tan leather with rivets as binding, which resembles coins on the inside. The leather is "roughout", which means the what is typically the inside (back) of the leather is on the outside facing panels of the wallet.

This wallet has a few markings from storage, and is sold as-is, no returns. 

There is a comparison photo with a wallet that has been used for a while so you can see some of the the wearing, aging and patina. Note: the old version was an early prototype with the rivet knobs facing inward to the wallet fold. The wallet for sale has the flat sides of the rivets facing inward to the wallet fold.

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